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We're making it easier for people to enjoy, operate, and develop with the full power of the Peerplays blockchain. Start by clicking a link below to visit one of the document libraries tailored to suit your needs.

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Peerplays is the humanizing crypto. Using decentralized systems that put people first, where decisions that benefit the individual also benefit everyone:

corruption and fear of resource scarcity fades away

people collaborate instead of compete

there is greater choice and freedom for you

control is put back in your hands

you reconnect to the community and the world around you

You can learn more about how Peerplays is making a difference. Visit the Community Docs.

Gone are the days of expensive and complicated mining rigs. Peerplays takes a new approach to network consensus. Node operators, known as Witnesses, run the Peerplays network. You can become a Witness too.
Visit the Infrastructure Docs to learn more.

Calling all node operators

Integration made easy

Peerplays can do a lot for your dapp. Just to name a few things...

  • take crypto as payment
  • exchange tokens on-the-fly
  • add NFTs to your dapp
  • generate fair and secure random numbers
  • authentication with PeerID

There's more being developed all the time. To learn more about integrating Peerplays with your dapp visit the Developer Docs.